This business was started, and is run with, a clear purpose

Before Value Adders transitioned from an idea to a going concern, we sat down and wrote out a rule book for how Value would be Added to our clients. This simple set of beliefs lays out the way we prioritise decisions. It short-cuts two decades of leaning and ensures we focus on the best outcomes and cleanest path to success.

Not everyone will agree, as they say opinions are like armpits: everyone has a couple and often they can stink… from many years, deep, real-world experience, these are our guiding principles:

Quality, modern, Cloud/Mobile Tech
over…Legacy, restrictive technology
over…Everything else
Vertical expertise
over…Jack of all trades, master of none
Value-based, fixed fee pricing
over…Variable Hourly charges
Preconfigured best practice
over…Complex, unique customisations
over…Workflow of inputs
Agile Project Management
over…Excessive scoping and rigidity
Engaging teams
over…Smoke & Mirrors
Single point data entry
A limited, prescribed menu
over…Excessive choice
Focus on what is needed
over…What is perceived to be wanted
Open platforms
over…Closed applications and ecosystems
Logical, intuitive processes
over…Manuals and training
Developing apps
over…One-off customisations
Value-added, evolving engagements
over…Static relationships
Happy existing customers
over…Getting the next sale
Work/Life balance & passion projects
over…Just working…