Video: From The Trenches Summit - Panel session on the SMERP Dilemma

Webinar: From The Trenches Summit - The SMERP Dilemma

Video: Talking SME vs ERP with Sholto Macpherson

Webinar: Accountech Live Presentation - The SMERP Dilemma

Talking Payroll with Tracy Angwin

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The Future Of Sales

In February 2015 Matt was was asked to present at the Sales Conference SELL for Success in Melbourne covering the topic: “Technology Revolution – the digital disturb changing sales processes forever“.

Holistic chunkification

Presentation from Leading Age Services Australia Nation Conference 2014. Still as relevant today as it was back then, perhaps even more so!

An holisitc approach to CDC data collection

Presentation from Aged Care Consumer Directed Care Summit in Sydney 2014. Still highly relevant today!