What people say

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Matt provided expert guidance to us in selecting the right accounting and payroll system to match our requirements. His understanding of our business requirements, and of the various solutions on offer and their relative pros and cons, was superb.

Shane Nichols, CEO, Good Return

“obvious & infectious”

Matt’s passion for technology, business and payroll is both obvious and infectious. His knowledge and ability to communicate is unquestionable.

Tracy Angwin, CEO Australian Payroll Association, Industry Icon, Author

“always appreciate your advice”

Sasan Goodarzi, CEO at Intuit

“passionate & connected”

Matt is both passionate and connected to the plight of Small Business in AU.   Clayton Oates, founder of QA Business, Industry Legend

“energises any room he walks into”

Matt is an inspirational leader with an infectious passion for innovation and business technology. Matt energises any room he walks into, is entrepreneurial by nature, and very much an ideas man. He is also an exceptionally talented speaker with the ability to captivate an audience with his sharp presentation skills and extensive technical & industry knowledge.   Andy Plester, Head of Product Design at Squiz

“knowledge & foresight”

Kerry Agiasotis, MD Sage Asia Pacific

“very strategic”

Matt has a very strategic understanding of this industry space and his foresight into the dynamics and likely future of such a fast moving industry almost always hold true.

Jonathan Spence, CEO Xtracta

“tears things apart in a pragmatic way”

Matt has a plethora of knowledge on all things tech + accounting + biz. He tears things apart in a pragmatic way and has been one of my favourite industry personalities over the years

Guy Pearson, CEO Practice Ignition

“clear picture of the future”

These are important qualities for an executive – the ability to paint a clear picture of the future, and to attract and retain talent. Matt has both in spades.

Chris Biro, Orbit Consulting

“Really like seeing this level of thinking”

Rod Drury, Founder and Board member at Xero

“one of the most visionary”

Matt would be one of the most visionary, passionate and innovative people I have worked with. His dedication, energy and enthusiasm for the product, technology and creating a better working environment is infectious and inspires people to want to work with him.   Sue Jones, Human Resources & Payroll Manager at Attache Software

“inspired to do great things”

Matt’s enthusiasm is infectious, which is only surpassed by his passion for what he’s focusing on and that leads to a team being inspired to do great things. Brent Irvine, Business Development Manager – NZ, ACM NZ Ltd

“great for the industry”

Paul Meissner, Podcast presenter & Freedom Accountant

“honest, opinionated and real”

Hi Matt, great read…feels like I’m sat next to you when I read it. Honest, opinionated and real. Thanks for the post and update, a genuinely compelling read as always. Thank you.   Paul Conway, CEO at Asian Business Software Solutions & Financio

“smart aussie blogger”

Joe Magyer, Chief Investment Officer at Lakehouse Capital (a Motley Fool Company)