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The Future Of Sales

In February 2015 I was was asked to present at the Sales Conference SELL for Success in Melbourne covering the topic: “Technology Revolution – the digital disturb changing sales processes forever“.

I spoke about areas of technology which I see have already and will in the future effect the way the role of sales management is performed. Obviously this involved discussing “the cloud”, but I dug deeper into the specifics affecting sales, in particular:

  • Access from anywhere at any time
  • Mobility
  • Intra & Inter company connectivity
  • Chunkification
  • Zero Entry
  • Big Data
  • Social

I closed my presentation with my 5 predictions for future tends in technology:

  1. The word Cloud disappearing from marketing and tech speak
  2. Desegregation of technology market
  3. The Automation of Everything
  4. The rise and rise of Artificial Intelligence
  5. Life Management / non-social media

Only time will prove me right or wrong…

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Matt Paff (BBus GAICD) is founder of Value Adders and a veteran of the Accounting, Payroll and broader B2B Technology industry. Matt’s resume includes time as GM at Attaché Software, one of the world’s longest surviving accounting software companies, as well as starting, growing and exiting a successful accounting technology & business process consulting firm. Matt has held advisory board positions with accounting firm Imagine Accounting as well as Governance technology start-up GovernRight. In his spare time, Matt also runs a RegTech start-up vSure. Matt is passionate about a practical, plain English perspective. He is known for being a straight-shooter and appreciated for his forthright, researched opinions.

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